It’s a Wrap: The Filming of Stories in the Pantry, Episode 2: Homemade Pizza and Sauce

Back in February, we filmed our third episode of Stories From the Pantry in collaboration with New Mexico Association for Youth in Media. It seems surreal now that it’s been three months ago and that the world as we knew it then is completely changed. But the celebration of cooking as a part of our living and sharing time with each other – that has changed in many ways for the better. More people today are cooking in their own homes and finding ways to make the day happier through the sights and smells of what they are making at home.

I’m so grateful to the team at NMYAM for supporting this project and providing youth in New Mexico with opportunities for hands-on experience in the film industry. It was a pleasure having them in our home during filming and to watch them collaborate online to complete post-production editing. Even the music in this film was created by their team.

I’m also grateful to Arellana Cordero for joining me and being such an avid supporter of this project. She serves on multiple boards and has held C-suite roles, and it was a pleasure to witness her blending her professional and personal lives for this project.

You can visit the project page to view the recipes.

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Lisa Abeyta

Entrepreneur and passionate foodie.

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